Top 10+ Best Google Redesign for 2021


What’s the google redesign ?

To put it simply, Redesign is also called redesign, which is a design that re-examines the existing design. Redesign is a revision design based on the existing product. When the designer’s own ideas differ from the original product’s design concept, he will question and assume the existing product, and then determine himself through multiple verifications and investigations. The idea of ​​producing high-fidelity visual images or iterating versions, and finally through practical and data collection, to confirm the differentiation of the design concept, can reflect the concept that the designer is committed to expressing, and its fundamental purpose is Discover the meaning of design in the difference.

Why do Redesign

With the improvement of people’s quality of life and the replacement of design styles, many products need to be redesigned. Among the more well-known and successful cases such as Dianping and NetEase’s koala brand redesign some time ago, a product only has to go through The baptism of redesign, the optimization of interaction and function, makes users more comfortable when using the product, and makes users more enjoyable in visual performance, so that it can evolve into a high-quality product with reflection.

Now let us to see the top 10+ best google sticker for 2021,

Let’s go .

1.Google Decal


Personalize your water bottle or laptop with this vinyl Google logo sticker. Measures 4-inches wide.


Sticker measures 4″ (W) x 1″ (H).

2. Google Laptop and Cell Phone Stickers


Google it! Large, small, and every size in between, these Google stickers let you place the Google logo anywhere you need.


Google Stickers

White Colored Sticker Sheet

8.5″x11″ Sticker Sheet

3. Google Mural Sticker Sheet


This sticker sheet is a “best-of” selection from our in-store mural which features all the Googley places, landmarks and things. You have Stan the Dino (and his flamingo friends), Shoreline Amphitheatre, Google’s beehives and food trucks.


Sticker sheet measures 8.5″ w x 11″ l.

Our Mural Collection was conceived by a team of Googlers hoping to identify the most Googley landmarks and locations around Google’s main campus in Mountain View, CA. The team then worked with San Francisco based artist Monica Garwood to illustrate Google’s unique culture.
In early 2019, Monica installed a 27’ mural in the Google Merchandise Store in Mountain View where Googlers and guests can take a photo — and thousands of visitors stop by each week to snap a pic! This merchandise collection took Monica’s amazing artwork and transformed it into some great keepsakes to remind you of about Google’s magic!

4. Android Iconic 4″ Decal


No laptop, water bottle, bike frame, or Google sticker collection is complete without this Android Sticker. The Iconic 4″ Decal is — well, four inches of Android graphic awesomeness.


4″ Decal


5. Google Pride Sticker


Represent your Pride and appreciation for Google with this Google Pride Sticker.


Sticker measures 3.5″ l x 1″ h.

6. Android Large Removable Sticker Sheet


Show your quircky side by placing these fun Android stickers on your personal belongings.


Android Stickers

White Colored Sticker Sheet

7. Keyboard DOT Sticker


Be able to flash the Google Logo on a daily basis on your keyboard with this Google Sticker.


Match the logo to any key on the keyboard

3M adhesive

Polyuerethane material

8. Android SM S/F18 Sticker Sheet


Feeling adventerous? Place these fun Android stickers on your favorite belongings!


White Colored Sticker Sheet.

9. YouTube Small Sticker Sheet


4″ x 6″ custom YouTube sticker sheet. Sticker sheet comes with five separate YouTube stickers.


Custom YouTube Sticker Sheet

10. Google Emoji Sticker Pack


Who doesn’t use Emojis? Decorate your space with your current mood!


Pack contains 2 Sticker Sheets

Each Sheet has different Emojis

Decal dimensions should fit in a maximum sheet size of 12 3/4″ x 17 1/2″.

11. Android Iconic Sticker Sheet


Android everything! Now you can brand all your devices and items with this Google sticker sheet featuring the Android logo and brand name.


Sticker Sheet Features Android Logo, Android Emote Logo, and Android Brand Name Logo.

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