Many Things You Are Doing That Damages Your Hair

Hair damage, such as dry and brittle strands are never a good thing. Sadly, this happens to all hair types, straight or curly. Damaged hair cuticles can easily make the hair look fizzy or coarse. Unfortunately, it is ourselves whose causing these damages from using aggressive hair products like hair blowers, flat irons, and applying chemical-based ointments.

In most cases, hair breakage can be temporary. People can easily repair and restore their hair by using the right products and having enough knowledge. You can decide to go straight with medical hair treatments, such as this procedure discussed in this informative post. Or start by gaining knowledge of what causes hair damage and be aware of preventions.


Extreme stress or shock causes the growth cycle of your hair roots to reach its resting stage resulting in hair loss. This hair condition is called Telogen effluvium. As much as we want to avoid stress, it has become a part of our daily lives. Especially for those who work in a stressful environment. When you do manage to avoid stress, your hair will start to regrow, and there will be less hair shedding.

Using blow dryers and flat irons

Heat is the number one cause of hair damage. Unfortunately, using blow dryers and flat irons are not good for the hair as it dehydrates it. Flash drying, which happens when you blow-dry, is a negative effect on the hair that remove its moisture and water, resulting in drying out the hair cuticles.

Flat irons, on the other hand, can damage the hair differently. There are two types of damaging effects associated with this appliance, and both depend on whether it is dry or wet hair ironing. Ironing your dry hair creates cracks on the edges of the cuticles, which leads to chipping. While ironing your wet hair causes the buckling of the cuticle leading to tiny hair blisters. Both of these damaging effects can lead to split ends and breakage.

Frequently washing your hair

Washing or shampooing your hair every day is not a great idea. When you wet your hair, the shaft swells, making your hair easier to break. Also, shampoos are great products for cleaning your hair and scalp, but excessively using it can remove the natural oils which helps the hair look healthy and instead, resulting in a dull and dry appearance.

How To Stop Hair Damage?

Common factors that damage the hair are harsh chemicals and heat. They attack the outer layers of the hair called the cuticle, leaving it cracked and prone to breakage. When there is damage to the cuticle, it makes the hair look brittle, dry, and fizzy. The best way to stop your hair from damage is to keep it hydrated. Opt for shampoos and conditioners that give ample amount of moisture rather than using products that contain sulphates and alcohol. Also, avoid aggressively brushing, especially if the hair is wet. A healthy and proper diet can also help with giving strength and moisture

Easiest Ways to have Heatless Curls

heatless curl

Every woman or girl wants to have perfect hairstyle and heatless curls. However, more often than not you need hair styling kits to have different looks and styles. The styling kits include electric straightener, electric curler, blower or hair dryer etc. all these products will have an adverseeffect on your hair. Our hair and scalp are not made to use harsh chemicals and excessive heat. You may feel that these tools are necessary for straitening and curling etc. yes, they are necessary. However, continuous exposure tohair and scalp to the heat will result in dryness, hair fall, dandruff and hard split end hairs.

It is very important to style or method which uses very less to no amount of heat. If you want to have healthy hair for a longertime then you need take care of such things. Here in this article,we will help in this regard. In this article, there are several easiest ways for heatless ways. You can choose any of these methods

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