How to Raise Hair and Care Hair Easily through Hair Loss

How to Raise Hair and Care Hair Easily through Hair Loss


Introduction: Do you think you are really right about the methods of hair maintenance? Girls who are not clear can bring questions to this article to solve them. On the issue of hair, never give in, because hairstyle is related to the beauty and ugliness of the second “face”.

Common Mistakes in Hair Maintenance :

Step 1 :Wash your hair every day

It is not recommended to wash your hair every day in autumn and winter, because frequent shampoo is easy to wash off grease and moisture, and washing your hair once every 2 days can maintain the luster and moisture of your hair. However, this is not applicable to people whose scalp pores are easy to produce oil.

Step 2: Wash your hair and sleep

Some people fall asleep because they are tired or don’t want to spend time blowing their hair, but in fact, because of the scalp that has just been washed, the capillary pores will open and the hair scales will become fragile. Once rubbed with the pillow, the hair quality will be very damaged! Moreover, according to the view of traditional Chinese medicine, this will accumulate moisture on the scalp and may cause chronic headache in the future.

Step 3 :Tie your hair too tightly

In particular, the high ponytail will tie the hair too tightly, so the weight of the hair will pull the scalp. Over time, the hair will become easy to fall off, and even the skin around the face and hairline will become loose! The hair bundles used also avoid rubber bands, and it is better to replace them with relatively loose and highly elastic hair rings.

Step 4 :Comb your hair frequently

Some people suggest that “combing your hair 100 times a day” is beneficial to the blood circulation of the scalp. However, frequent combing of your hair will excessively stimulate sebaceous glands, which will lead to “oily head” and make your hair more likely to split, especially when your hair is still wet, your hair will easily break.

Step 5 :Hot water for moistening hair

When shampooing, although the appropriate warm water temperature can open the hair scales, it is helpful to remove metabolites such as dirt and sebum. However, when the hair comes into contact with hot water above 38 degrees C, the elasticity of the hair quality will decrease and the hair root will become fragile. It is recommended to use 36 ~ 38 degree C warm water to wash your hair, so as to effectively remove dirt and not damage your hair quality!


What if the hair is dry and knotted?



Hair care

1. Change shampoo according to scalp condition

Scalp conditions, according to the different climate attributes of Xia Dong, require different functions and properties in shampoo products. For example, in hot and hot summer, oil control and sun protection are needed. In autumn and winter, special attention is paid to the steps of moisturizing. Once the scalp or hair quality appears red, swollen, itchy and other abnormalities, it is also recommended to replace different hair products to cope with them.

2. Hair Care Cream Avoids Root Development

The function of hair care cream is to supplement nutrients to damaged hair after dyeing and scalding and neutralize PH value. However, when using hair care cream, if it is applied too close to the hair root, the hair root will absorb enough nutrients and become heavier, then it is easy to make the hair “fluffy”, so the hair care cream should be applied from “in the hair” to “at the end of the hair”.

3. Pay attention to the moisturizing degree of hair tail

The scalp will naturally secrete oil. A proper amount of oil can keep our hair healthy in luster and moisture. However, grease cannot cover the hair end, which is also the reason why the hair end is easy to bifurcate and dry. Therefore, the “hair tail” is definitely a major focus of maintenance, requiring regular trimming and application of hair care cream, etc.

4. Regular deep hair care

Hair is a woman’s second face. In fact, it is not only for nursing and maintenance in autumn and winter, but also for regular and moderate deep repair of hair in daily life. Especially when blowing, adjusting and ironing with electric rolling rods at home, it is recommended to apply a layer of hair care products first and carry out a layer of protection in advance.

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