81Stunning White Hairstyles-Like,Flaunt

Indecades past, gray hair may have been a sign of aging, but today it’s become stylish and elegant.Think Legolas and those beautiful men who played genie in Lord of the Rings, but white and silver has turned into a radical badass, like a burning scarlet head.However,if you want to go for style and sophistication with an icy beauty vibe, go for white hair.

With a range of hair colors and hair care products to help maintain a soft and shiny look, it’s a simple matter of going from brunette to Nordic white.Whether you want something short and exciting that can go from bedroom to classroom in a flash, or boardroom to cocktail party, we have beautiful white styles available.

But ifyour hair is naturally gray, embrace your silver fox-like self to break it and flaunt your appearance.Own the times and love fashion.

Treatment of grey hair

Whether it’snatural silver or edgy platinum, gray hair needs a lot of care.Age makes hair more permeable, so it will absorb more pollutants.Also, dyeing your hair ice white may be more careful than using hair dye after washing.


Establish a good relationship with your colorist and get a touch-up every four to six weeks for gray hair, regardless of color.Keep your appointmentsunless you plan to gothe”brunette”route.

2Keep your hairhealthy

Remember that you will be taking off the color of yourhair-completely, which means extra care for your hair.Taking off your hairwill leave your hair prone to dryness and breakage.It’s a good ideato get your colorist’s opinion on whether your hair will stand up to bleaching.


Getting rid of all the color of your hair means being prepared before you step foot inthe salon.Delay your shampoo for at least2to3daysbefore coloringyour hair.Not only will this help keep your hair healthy, but it will also make it easier for your hair to soak up the new color.

White hair looking for a fashionableyou.

Scandinavian blonde with longwaves.

Lush, intriguing, soft waves bring a more feminine and romantic vibe to the icy Nordic blonde.


Shady silverhair.

Avant-garde and trendy, silver hair gets a radical facelift with dull colors highlighting the beauty.Long white hair with a touch of romance becomes more glamorous.

Avant-garde long and layered reverse balayage whitehair

Ifyou want something more aggressive, go for clothes that are uneven and give an edgy feel.Use contrasting colors to outline the chic vibe of the motorcycle.

Long grayhairdyed charcoal gray.

Nothing is really too extreme for the long-term beauty of platinum blonde hair with a dip-dyed black edge.Stunningand gorgeous, just the right amount of radical avant-garde.

Spectacular Reverse Balayag GreyHair

Grey hair becomes more attractive in reverse balance.Grey roots end up with soft and warm tones of blonde and dark grey.


Dark root with pinkhighlights

Take this charming hairstyle, with dark roots in the crown.However,add a pink hue to your white hair for a cute and casuallook.

Glamorous Shaved Asymmetrical Platinum Blonde Hair

Ignitethe edgytrendwith an asymmetrical shaved hair style in a gorgeous platinum white.You can accentuate the motorcycle chic or make you look softer by messing with the long edges of your hair.No matter what you’re trying to pull off, this style is glamorous.

A length of messy in beautifulsilver

Silvery white hair can be too noticeable, so you can soften your look by opting for a messy hairstyle to render a fun vibe.Whether it’s for the weekend or work, a simple brushing will suffice.

Stunning smooth straight hair on the sidepart

A truly alluring look with side sections covering half the face makes this long, sleek straight hair a companion for romantic trysts.Keep it simple, but keep it sleek and chic.

Fallinggorgeously at the enchanting Balayag.

A stunner that will make you a beauty in the ball.Beautiful color balance makes this muddy combo a trulyglamorous look.


Thick, half-curlyponytail.

Render color with this mix and matchultalong hair in a dark color style.Dressing yourself up with a romantic bustier dress has been arunway trendfor a few years now.Totally dramatic, just a little romantic and gentle.

A messy bun and ponytail makes astatement.

Somewhat relaxed and casual rather than dramatic, the style is soft with a messy bun gathered high on the head.Complete the look with a casual ponytail.

Very layered long whitehair.

Loose blonde curls are a very loose color.

A classictouchfor silvery grey hair

A timeless look, simple butclassic-hair is combed and loose.

Long, loose, charming bigcurls.

A truly alluring look that highlights the beautiful white and adds the perfect amount of glamour withgreat gentle curls.An alluring look thatis both striking and alluring.

Dramaticlowlightsin layered curls

Gorgeous and sleek,it’s a showstopper wherever you go-the dim lighting adds drama and subtle depth, while soft curls in layered hair complete the red carpet look.A truly amazing style.

Theallureof deep-rooted platinum

Add real black roots to your style before going full-on platinum.Complete the glamour queen style with big curls.

Hot and glamorous white with darkshadesof grey.

This super beautiful hairstyle combines the intensity of grey with dramatic blonde hair in an enchanting combination.Theblonde mini barrette makes for a glamorous look and the simple and dramatic accessories will add style to your look.


Delicateromantic waves, deepcolors.

A gentle waterfall of large, mildly wavy extra-long hair is fairly common.But under dull colors (think murky, but a little subtle), gorgeous white hair becomes delicate and unique.

Pretty pink with long, messyhair.

Said Kavaj in this messy long hair, wearing delicate pretty pink highlights.

Lovely bangswitha layered look

It has all the glamorous platinum blonde look, but the short bangs make it look cute and sweet.

Fascinating asymmetrical sleeksilhouette

Keep your hair white, smooth and stunningly beautiful with this asymmetrical hairstyle to complete the seduction.

Nordic White Romantic MessyWaves

This hairstyle that is both soft and relaxed isn’t chilly at all.Gentle waves will invite your lover to cuddle for a while, and you don’t need tospend hours having the perfect look.

The dramatic silver-grey middlesection

Sleek and chic are their strengths, all you need to do is keep the middle part all straight.

Bright Red Dyed Dramatic WhiteHair

Wearing a head of white hair and a long, loose, funky hairstyle.But what makes a drama queen look perfect?Dip the dye in blood red.

Long, fresh, silky hair, mediumparting

Brush your gorgeous hair down the middle and add soft curls at the ends to refresh your hair.

Scandinavian beauty with cutedges

Avant-garde and aggressively chic, this classic style for mid-length hair is perfect for cutting off the edge.

Classic pixies for a classiclook

A stylish cut for any age, the classic pixie becomes timeless.

Beach waves with extra longhair

True blondeambition turns into a beautiful and glamorous beach wave finish look.

Androgynous Classic ShortBob

A classic Bob becomes stylish and modern with a dramatic white hair color.


Gorgeous silver and grey shawl with a messyponytail.

Have fun, but with a stunning look with this gorgeous balayage in silvery grey.You can enhance the casual element with a messy ponytail.

Stunning whitecurls.

The soft waves give a soft look to a stark white that is stunning and absolutely gorgeous.This style is dramatic in nature and does not need to add any type of flair.A naturally gorgeous look for you.

Silver-greywith a crown braid.

A beautiful halo in silver grey woven into the crown is perfect and simple.From gardens, to weddings, to romantic dinners, thisisa truly delightful style.


Dramatic platinum hair gets edgier, a shaved side of the head and a mohawk both appear punk rock chic.

Stunning side design for a layered, long hairtexture

White hair with silver highlights turns into a glamorous one sided look.Go deeper on the sides and wear it messy for a romantic and soft look.

Scandinavian blonde long hairtexture

Gorgeous but easy to maintain, keep a textured hairstyle with a Nordic gold hue.

Cute bangsBob.

A classic bobbed frame with layered bangs makes everything sweet and cute.

Cut bangs short for edgy mid-lengthhair

Shredded sides with short bangs?A simple but impatient look.Comb your fingers through your hair to make it lookmessy.

Stylish whitehighlights

Simple but beautiful appearance.

Voluminous softcurlsfor all ages

Young and lively…

.or the timeless beauty of the classics.

Stunning layered style with softwaves

A gorgeous look for anyone.

Beautiful romanticwhite

A simple exterior full of beauty.

All the rightparts.

Same style, but with a side section on the left or a middle section on the right.

BeautifulBalayagefor a chiclook

A classic one length style becomes stylish with the warmth of the white balayage color.

Stunning undercut piping for a messy, texturedstyle

Add interest to your mid-length hair with a textured style, then add a white to metallic grey wrap-around hat underneath.

Stunning andbeautiful long hair with softfringe

Outline your face with a soft fringe and turn dramatic silvery hair into something beautiful and sophisticated.

Thebeachis shimmering in the waves

Keep it beautifully casual with a messy beachwave.You’ll still be glamorous, but you won’t get too pretty.A perfect choice for a relaxing weekend.


Platinum blonde hair embellished with a hint of silvery lowlights.The classic mid-length Bob deep side part becomes beautiful and gentle with gentle waves.

Sleek and chic, dip-dyed edges, warmgolden color

If you don’t want to be a total Nordic blonde, put on a warm blonde pale yellow.You’ll still have blonde fun, but without the full ice.

Classic textured silhouette, stunningwhite

A timeless style with a stunning Nordic blonde color witha simple texture cut.

Messy textures and chopped bangs are superwhite.

Simple white long hair gives a relaxed feel and cut short bangs give a sense of texture.

Smooth silverywaves.

Elegant and chic.

Perfectly long, smoothhair.

A simple curl makes it perfect.

Messy, casual mid-lengthhair.

Relax and enjoy the casual style.

Stylish asymmetrical bob with softhighlights

In vogue since forever, the asymmetrical bob with textured bangs is a bit softer in style and has warm highlights.But be warned, it’s alla cliché.

Sweet, mid-length hair with warmhighlights

Warm up your icy blonde hair a little with soft tones.A sweet and easy relaxing day at home or at school or work.

Pretty grey highlightsfor a sleekbobblehead

A sleek bob becomes super complex with Nordic white hair plus grey highlights to soften the impact.This look becomes more sophisticated and sweet, rather than icy.

Dramatic black and whiteheroine

This is a great choice for the Met, Opera or any party when you want to be the centerof attention.A true queen’s hairstyle with the middle part of the hair divided into contrasting black and white colors.Complete the diva’s style with glamorous accessories and dramatic makeup.

Easy messy ponytails for a texturedsilhouette

Feel free to put on a few layers, wear your hair in a simple messy ponytail, and enjoy your downtime.A great look for casual and cool weekends.

Stylish cold whiteskirt

A definite style for young people or those who want a fresh new look-ashort bun that slopesforward.

Soft blondecurls.

Forget blonde blonde when you can have a more striking style with gorgeous platinum blonde hair.Soft, wavylayers give a romantic mood that can easily bring out the inner bride in you.

Long, soft gray hair.

Just a light touch of blue-gray at the roots makes this long gray hair simple, but stunning in all the important ways.Keep things smooth for a delicate touch.

Layers of clutter in coldplatinum

A cool gimmick, platinum blonde gets edgier without losing its icy, complex vibe.Pair your white hair with this messy layered hairstyle and soft curls.

Chic textured short hair with blondehighlights

Enhance your vixenlook by adding gold highlights to your style to give warmthand fresh appeal.The short layeredbobremains a classic silhouette for all ages.

A beautiful head of white hair and a bluerobe.

Get rid of theblue hair with this pretty hairstyle.Use soft, gentle curls to soften the striking color.

Lovely chopped and messy layeredstyle

Something a little more casual that could easily go from waking up to smell the roses to a complex cocktail.Gorgeous Nordic white hair is simplystunning.

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