80 Lavender Hair That Your Inner Goddess Will Absolutely Love

Lavender hair is definitely feminine, especially when it evokes its floral counter part .However, with the recent changes in modern popular media with all the pixies and elves entering the mainstream conversation, we can confidently say that lavender is a spicy trend.

Besides, who doesn’t love to be fashionable and look good? The appeal of purple as a pop of color combined with some soft undertones make lavender an increasingly popular hair color choice.

The perfect shade of lavender for your skin  tone.

Lavender may be a harder color to match because of the blue hue and the pale undertones. Those with pale skin tones may end up with a fair face, while those with yellowish skin tones may end up with a more orange color than they want .It’s also hard to match an olive complexi on.But we have all the pretty looks to match all skin tones.

Darker lavender tones are suitable for paler skin tones, and adding a small amount of copper or red can balance out yellow skin tones. For warmer olive tones, we recommend keeping the lavender tones at the edges of the hair and as far away from the face as possible, as the lavender tones clash with the green tones of the skin.

Here are our top tips for lavender hair in all styles and occasions.

Baby pink and lavender hair

We love the effect of  Balayag’s  painting, which blends well with the pinks and lavenders.

Lilac hair

Lavender and Cornflower Blue Flowers

From purple roots, to lavender, to cornflower blue, it is perfectly beautiful.

Lavender for long, soft waves

Long lavender hair with a light pale blonde baby light enhances the soft long waves.

Gorgeous grape colored hair.

The grapes are a little hard to work with, but the subtle pink and lavender colors are perfect.

Lavender in all its splendor.

The deep red roots draw attention to it, while the beautiful lavender color keeps it.

Silvery lavender hair in a curly  bun.

If you want something easy to use, a messy tendril bun will give you some casual fun.

Extra long lavender hair

Nodding like an elf to long, heavenly hair.

Cute, short and trend ylayers

We love how the short hair and cool lavender tones make it funky and youthful.

Stunning lavender and Nordic blondes.

A fairy tale allusion to lavender hair paired radiantly with icy blonde hair.

A Modern Lob with Lavender and Lilacs

Long waves of lavender and  lilac.

Feathery lavender waves with in digohig  hlights

Give your long hair a feather edge texture. Heighten your lavender hair with indigo to add visual depth. This is a perfect style for those who want a combination of fashion and feminine elegance.

Indigo and lavender texturedlayers

The shaved edge adds layers of texture, while the interplay of lavender and indigo gives the style a dramatic hair effect.

Gorgeous ice lavender.

We love this lavender shade in platinum.  gorgeous and transcendent and looks simply divine.


A feminine style that plays perfectly with the beautiful hues of lilac.

Silver  lavender beauty.

The sweet waves are mouth wateringand the silver edges with lavender are stunning.

Glamorous platinum lavender hair

Shining perfection, a style we love to touch and see-over and over again.

Silver explosion

A stratified medium bob gets silver perfection.

Gorgeous purple and lavender.

There are feathered edges with a dull purple and lavender hue, creating a beautiful, soft style.

Deep lavender and grey-gold femininity

It’s the perfect combination of length, wave and color.

Pearlescent Lavender Hair Bun

The cut edges are softened by the color.

Gorgeous  Godes  Curls in Indigo and Lavender

A series of soft curls that perfectly contour the face.

Winter Storm

Dark gray hair has an icy highlight.

Honey Gold Highlight Halo Braid

A halo braid framesthe face, while blonde highlights add depth.

Soft  lavender clouds.

Soft and supple visuals.

A  touch of lavender.

A dark-haired woman with lavender light s ? Why not!

Ice Lavender Princess

A doll-like effect that works well.

Layered Lob in lavender and silver

The lavender layer gets a dull visual clarity with a silver edge.

It’s beautiful in the indigo and lavender baby lights.

Beautiful soft style that works well.

Sassy Bob with purple and lavender hair.

Add color to your classic Bob.

Sweet and feminine woven half-knot

Feminine hair has a braid with a long lavender knot on top.

Awaken the Lavender Beauty

We like a messy style.

Softly layered fringe for long lavender hair

Long hair with a layered fringe that issoft to the touch.

A little pink and a little  braid.

We love the mauve and pink. The side braids complete the look.

Cool and Urban Indigo Root Lavender

A funky style for your inner rock  chick.

Simple fishtail braid

A loose fishtail braid just adds the perfect soft touch.

Silver tendrils and layers

A style worth caressing.

Ultra white gold lavender baby lamp

Super long hair sometimes requires some visual depth, and hints of lavender combine perfectly with platinum.

Rocker Fusion

Rock  style and color.

Magenta with Lavender Extract


Classic Lavender Bob

Classic can feel hip. Lavender, anyone?

A very one-sided style.

Reminiscent of 1980s teen movies, we love the one-sided look.

Gorgeous lavender  hair in braids.

The through weave works well with the knotted bun.

Stunning Lavender Falls

The perfect color and the perfect curl style.

Delicate textured look with pale pink low lights

The curl adds texture to an already visual feast of color.

A playful and sexy lavender and indigo double bun.

Permeable layers and side sections

Mix and match mint, cyan and lavender.

We never thought these colors would work well together, but cyan just brings mint green and lavender together perfectly.

Warm blonde hair, lavender trim

The warm blonde tasted some blue tones with a lavender edge.

Sexy Rain bow

We love the sheer fun and funky dyed rope.Gathered in a loose braid, it’s lively and funky.

Elegant Lavender Flower Crown Braid

Simple and elegant flower crowns woven together.

Stunning smoky softcurls

Soft curls with highlights in pink, indigo and lavender.

Diva Likus Wave

Release your inner goddess and indulge yourself.

Lavender for medium to longhair

Playful braids for medium length hair with lavender highlights.

The Subtletiesof Lavender in Black and Plum

We love the dramatic color combinations.

Lavender Winter Beauty

Reminiscent of a winter elf, the platinum hair has some subtle lavender baby lights.

Woven Lavender Cream

Gorgeous threading braids

These extra-long braids highlight the interplay of colors.

Silver and lavender low whiskerknot.

Casual and comfortable for lazy Sundays.

Beautiful butter flybraid

Butterflies on a simple twisted braid for a natural effect.

Shake it top latinum.

Platinum rocks with lavender locks.

A Stunning Fusion of Magenta and Lavender

A gorgeous combination of dramatic deep magenta and soft lavender creates this winning style.Tied loosely in a curly-bearded bun, you’re ready for some serious style.

Naughty purple and mauve.

Let’s be weak!

A touch of lavender for longhair.

An icy lavender scent dresses up the sweet combination of grey, platinum, blonde and lilac.

Fantasy Pastel Waterfall

Soft lemon, pink, lavender and gold lowlights can play beautifully.

Purple, maroon, pink and lavender are stunning and divine.

We have a few words to say about this amazingly gorgeous color combo-we love and adore it.We want it!

Soft lavender extract for honey blonde hair

A beautiful palette of honey blonde hints of caramel and lavender.

Candy Gorgeous

A playful and funky color combination. Adding visual effects with soft curls will enhance the impact.

Loose braids, stylish and feminine.

A beautiful braid that can be bridal to casual, just add floral or silver accents.

Fancy fishtail braid, dark lavender

Long, dark lavender hair with the visual texture of fishtail braids.

Cute lavender braid.

Soft and sweet braids make everything young and beautiful.

Playful amethyst and magenta, topped with a high bun

A color combination that doesn’t lend itself to shyness.

Elegant Arctic skies

Can you imagine the color of the Arctic sky in the morning? We can, right here!

Carefree lilacs and lavender hair

A relaxed look thatyou’ll feel comfortable with whenever and wherever you are.

Messy pullover layered highball

Enjoy some carefree styling.

Black clove supreme wave

Black hair and glamorous lilacs for a theatrical performance. With those gorgeous curls, it’s a great style.

Feather layers of lavender and ashes

The feathers are a bit feminine around the edges.

Violet Mauve Baby Lamp

We just love all the shades of this wrap dress, from lavender to deep purple.

Charming soft waves

The wind and rain are gorgeous, and we love the soft waves of lavender.

Stunning Amethyst

The goddess in you needs to have this hair color and these curls and lengths.

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