50+ Stunning Curls for 2020 – Short, Medium and Long Curls

50+ Stunning Curls for 2020 – Short, Medium and Long Curls

Maybe it’s a blessing, maybe it’s an annoyance, but curly hair is always great. Curls can sometimes get out of control and become very curly or just stand out very easily. Doesn’t mean you need to run to your flat iron for help. The right haircut and style is all you need to tame your troublesome curls and make your natural curls the talk of the town.

Wondering about your curly hair options?

Short Curls – Bouncy curls look incredible on short hair with bangs. It’s your choice whether you straighten your bangs or keep them curly. If you want to enhance the texture of your hair, you can add some highlights.

Medium Length Curls – For shoulder length hair, you can opt for loose curls, bouncy curls or small, tighter curl rings. Although, we can suggest you beach waves as well as a natural look. Most of us curly-haired beauties aren’t sure about short hair because it gives an extra full look that most of us don’t want. So, a shoulder cut is an option. You can cut your hair thin and give a proper hairstyle.

Long curly hair – A long hairstyle with curls is one of the best options. You can opt for breezy waves, delicate curls or messy tendrils. You can use layering techniques for your long curly hairstyle.

Here we have 50+ options for you to choose from, short, medium or long hairstyles for your fabulous curls.

1. Thick curls

Let your hair flow with the wind. Side-swept bangs and short curls leave a stunning effect.

2. Breeze curls

Let your loose curls flow like it. A bright hair color makes this look totally sun-kissed. This hairstyle is finished with bangs. Incredible look!

3. Dark roots


Rihanna shows us how to style her bright, long, curly hair. Her roots are dark to show us how to do it right.

4. Short helix


Like Julia Garner, she cut a short haircut and tied her curls tight.

5. Curl Wizard


Audrey Tautou shows us that pixie hair looks amazing with curly texture. She looks super hot.

6. Platinum curls


For Nicki Minaj’s corkscrew drill, use a diffuser for spraying. Her platinum hair and dark roots are an eye-catching hairstyle.

7. Soft and delicate curls


Madonna flaunts her delicate curls with confidence. The angular flick took the silk out of her face and made her beautiful.

8. Central


Learn how to style your curls with a middle partition from our Thandie Newton here. Her middle section creates a beautiful symmetry, which is a perfect look this spring.

9. Angelic curls


Christina Aguilera’s haircut with the curls removed from her face gave a beautiful frame to her face. Her bright hair color looks beautiful with red lipstick.

10. Brown curly hair


Penelope Cruz’s fluffy curls were swept to the side, adding to the beauty of her natural makeup look.

11. loose, short curls


Naomi Watts pinned her loose curls in a sassy look and looked spectacular with it.

12. Shakira, Shakira!


Her hips don’t lie! Neither did her curly hair. Her blonde highlights made her hair glow.

13. rustling waves.


Learn how to curl your naturally curly hair like Debra and get a messy, perfect look here.

14. Weave curls


Kiersey Clemons has taken the definition of voluminous hair to a whole new level. Her beautiful hair matches her shiny outfit perfectly.

15. Short Bob


Scarlett Johansson looked beautiful in bright red lipstick and a rugged bob cut with her hair in a triangle at the ends.

16. Ball


Let your long hair flow in loose curls. Do two twists and pin it up in the back. Wear your beautiful dresses and have fun at your prom.

17. pull up


Pull up your gorgeous curls. This hairstyle is dedicated to the cause and you can’t go wrong in any occasion. Pull the strings out and look great.

18. Summer Colors


Curly and messy looks can create a complete look. Color your roots, color your roots, color your roots. This color brings out the best in your naturally curly hair.

19. dark curls


For an evening look, you can opt for delicate curls for your short hairstyle. Pair it with a pearl necklace and your prettiest evening gown.

20. Natural Curl


This is an easy hairstyle for your natural long curls for summer. Leave your curls as they are, but pin a few curls in the back. Pull out a few strands for a soft finish.

21. Black curly hair


Curl your curls and tie them into a high ponytail. Twist the front end so that they join the ponytail. Paint your ponytail a new color.

22. high above the fray


Pull your woven curls up into a high ponytail. Add a few twists to the front of your head to make sure it inspires your girlfriend. Can you post a picture of the two of you on Instagram?

23. lovely curls


For a cute short curly hairstyle, look no further. A short Bob hairstyle with full length curls can give a full and girly look. A subtle makeup look completes the look.

24. Lateral fractal tissue


This hairstyle if bold. Side part your short curly hairstyle. Use a dramatic color for your hair color. Focus on your eye makeup and use a statement earring.

25. Short wavy


Use waves to add interest to your short, boring hairstyle. Wear with side swept bangs and chic earrings.

26. grumpy mind


Curl all your short hair on your head for a bouncy effect. Use one hot color for your hair color. Keep your roots dark and make sure you use a bright pink lipstick.

27. braids and dreadlocks


Loose curls are perfect for your long hair. If you want to add style to it, what better than a braid? Make a twist peg in the back and a long braid to put with your curls.

28. Curly Waves


Another hairstyle would be perfect for your prom. Curl the ends of your hair into a long, loose style and tie it in a half-high ponytail in front. Pair this hairstyle with a stunning dress.

29. delicate curls


This hairstyle is a masterpiece. You need a lot of patience and expertise for this look. First choose soft, loose curls. Now, create twisted braids near the crown to create a waterfall effect. This hairstyle is for a special occasion.

30. long curly hair in a half bun


Finish your long curly look with half a bun. A chilled look, a cool you.

31. curly hair for selfies


Now that’s a hairstyle you’ll want to take selfies with.Snapchat your girl, a high bun that’s made of loose and gorgeous curls. A hairstyle you’ll use to cool off a bit this summer.

32. Bouncy curls


Opt for bouncy curls for a refreshed look. Wear it in a high bun and leave a few small curly strands on your forehead as bangs.

33. End Curl


Pull your hair back into a half ponytail. For the ends, you can opt for loose curls that are both romantic and sophisticated. A perfect hairstyle for your date.

34. Small curls.


Comb your long hair into small, tight curls to create a voluminous hairstyle. You can add some extra style in the front to complete and stylish look.

35. wow.


This is a very gorgeous hairstyle. A long and loose glossy curl is a hairstyle worth growing out your hair for. Add color to add shine to your already stunning hairstyle.

36. Blonde curls


Rihanna has an incredible way of pulling down her blonde curly natural curls. Dark roots complete the look.

37. looking backwards.


Pulling back long curls and colored hair gives better volume in the front but less volume in the tail. Minimize your makeup once and it will go perfectly with this hairstyle.

38. Pine Waves


Red is every girl’s favorite color. For your reddish brown hair color, opt for loose messy curls.

39. Curly A.


If you want an A-line bob hairstyle, opt for messy curls. Choose your hair color. Blondes can never go wrong with the right shade choice.

40. Bread halves


One of the easiest ways you can reduce the impact of extra large effects on curly hair styling is to pull up a half bun hairstyle. Pull out a few strands to add a soft touch. You can opt for loose curls for this hairstyle.

41. simple curl


Make the most of your naturally curly hair. Manage it’s curls, polish it’s curls, sweep it side to side and let your curls flow. Don’t forget your favorite lipstick color. Matte nude seems to be the trend of the season.

42. lovely curls


Want a cute hairstyle? Opt for short, tight, shiny curls. Add some highlights to your beautiful curls to enhance the texture.

43. beautiful day


This is another hairstyle for weddings. Curl long hair into a large, intricate braid. Add some stunning headgear to keep all eyes on you.

44. Bob the Elf


Combine Pixie and Bob hair styles to give your blonde curls a straightening effect. Move her hair away from her face. A bold and sassy look you can try.

45. Quite long


Long hair with small curls looks sexy and voluminous. Everyone’s favorite everyday hairstyle.

46. pink curls


If you like a bold color, curl your mid-length hair into loose curls and turn it pink. Let the curls add to the beauty of this style. Tuck a strand of hair behind your ear so it’s completely finished.

47. messy curls


Medium length hair is great for long hair. Part your hair to the side to make it loose.

48. Twist Bags


Start by twisting your hair from the front and create a bun at the ends. The natural texture and curls complete the look.

49. elegance


Your natural curls don’t need to be extra sexy or elegant. They’re enough already. Do a French braid and pull it into a messy bun. Pull a few strands out of your loose curls.

50. Side Twist Ponytail


Want to get a brand new look in minutes? For your naturally curly hair, try flipping it sideways and pulling the delicate curls into a high ponytail. This hairstyle keeps your hair away from your face all day long.

Curl up your beautiful curls and make everyone envious. Be proud of it, because everyone doesn’t have what you have. Curl up, girls!

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